Delegate information

Emporio Armani and the John Rylands Library
Photo: Emporio Armani and John Rylands Library, by Ian Carroll, used under CC license.

In following pages we have tried to provide useful information (and maps) for delegates to the Conference. We suggest that you bookmark these to your mobile devices as they may prove useful during your time in Manchester. We also suggest you follow us on Twitter for news and updates during the conference itself.

Manchester Central Exhibition Centre
Manchester Central. Photo: Huw

Royal Exchange Theatre
Royal Exchange Theatre. Photo: Gidzy

Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry. Photo: Gidzy

Reflections, Exchange Square
Reflections, Exchange Square. Photo: Gidzy

Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral. Photo: Dom Crossley

St Anne's Square
St. Anne’s Square. Photo: Gidzy

Street scene
Street scene. Photo: Ian Carroll

The Castle, Northern Quarter
The Castle, Northern Quarter. Photo: Tom Blackwell

Civil Justice Centre
Civil Justice Centre. Photo: Tom Blackwell

(All images above used under CC License.)

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